Welcome to the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Research group

The Planetary Science and Astrobiology Research group comprises researchers from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, which is located in East Kilbride.

We are also members of the Space Glasgow research cluster, and have close links with partners in the University of Glasgow Schools of Engineering, and Physics & Astronomy, and elsewhere in the UK, continental Europe and further afield.

We’re proud to be involved in a wide range of outreach activities under the ‘Solar System Rocks’ banner. As a research group with a wide range of interests we love to engage and enthuse about life on our planet and beyond.

On our Learn page you’ll find some learning resources we use with school groups and at science fairs, if you have any questions or would like us to help out with an event you are planning please contact us.

Current Research

Our research addresses a spectrum of questions including the early history of the solar system, the assembly and evolution of asteroids, exploration of Mars using meteorites and planetary rovers, and terrestrial impact cratering.

We are currently working across three areas:

1. Early solar system evolution

2. History of the atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere of Mars

3. Earth impacts

Publications, Media & Events

We are proud to disseminate our research internationally in a range of high impact academic journals as well as at conferences, workshops and meetings globally. We are regularly involved in hosting meetings too, you can find out more about events we are involved with here.

This research is often picked up on by local and national media and we’re delighted to help spread our research story widely. You can see our most recent publications and media stories here.



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